Hey girl!

My name is Kirsty Gladdis and I am a female empowerment coach.

I am on a heart centred mission to teach women to love their bodies, accept their perfect imperfections and to take ownership of their lives so you can live your truest and most authentic life!

I’m a total nerd when it comes to personal growth and self love, I have been reading and practicing this every day for the last 10 years, I can’t believe I get to call this my job!

I specialise in wellbeing, emotional and physical wellbeing. I help you creating gentle and progressive change over 12 weeks for an confidence make over and empowerment transformation.

How can I help?

Free self love and empowerment goodies


1:1 support


There’s no ‘secret’ or ‘quick fix’ for our minds and bodies – everyone is so beautifully different and incredibly complex.

You can truly love yourself– Self love, self acceptance and confidence is a skill, it is something you learn it isn’t something you have.

Messy, imperfect and uncomfortable action is both essential and the best way to learn – I gradually set you comfort zone challenges, and step by step you will realise how resilient and powerful you truly are.

Self empowerment shows YOU how to fall in love with yourself again,

How YOU can change YOUR life

Find your passions, confidence, true self belief and unlimited happiness!

Let go of comparing yourself to others, self doubt, mirror shaming and negative thoughts.



Thank you for being here, to find out more

Message me on instagram or facebook: @kirstygladdiscoaching

email: support@prioritiseme.co.uk


About Me

I began my self discovery journey nearly 10 years ago. I was super young due to moving out when I was 17 and after many mental and physical health battles, hit after hit my resilience, self care and self love practices guided me through. 

Empowering Women

If you are a woman who is into self care, has read a few books and is looking for the next step up, into power, confidence and unshakable self belief, I am the girl for you.

I have had help and support in so many different ways and that’s what I ensure to carry forward. I offer free masterclasses and workshops on Facebook. I give free self care and empowerment tips on Instagram (linked below). As long as you make the decision to prioritise yourself, ill be here to support you through.