Be real

Some real talk for those who are lost in a world only rewarding perfection…

Listen to your body…

Some days you ache…

Some days you feel you can conquer the word!

I’m feeling super tired and inflexible today, I still got some practice in and took a lovely class, but I didn’t push myself past comfortable. I asked my yogis if they felt comfortable and would enjoy trying out some more challenging poses whilst I rested and guided them through. Which actually worked out so well for a few girls who did their first inversions! So proud of you!

The most important thing to do in these challenging and difficult moments is to not judge yourself!

The human body is constantly adapting, so allowing yourself to have rest when your body is telling you it needs it is paramount to your progression.

Unfortunately in this beautiful world of yoga there can be competition about who is the most flexible, who can do what pose, and who looks the best doing it e.c.t.

Which is such a shame because I try believe it is about feeling good about yourself, being mindful and having some valuable you time.

It can be so easy to get carried away and forget why you started, so get back to the basics and enjoy the experience! Be mindful, reflective, grateful, humble and most importantly be happy and love yourself throughout the whole process 💞



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