Nutrition basics

Hi Everyone,

I have been so passionate about nutrition since university, so much so that I lecture it at my job currently. The controversy is bewildering and thus, someone needs to clear this up.

In my eyes some incredible people who have been so bold to go against the mainstream supergiant corporations are Zoe Harcombe, Tim Noakes, Ted Naiman, Malcom Kendrick, Aseem Malhotra, Nina Teicholz… I really could go on, but these people are the ones I have read the most from.

I can provide lots of references for the following statements but as this is my first post it is going to be broad and then in the ones following I will focus on a topic and reference the hell out of it.

Generally the trend to save you LOTS of reading are as followed:

Sugar is bad for your, regardless of where you get it from (fruit/bread/syrup)

Carbs are a chain of sugars, see above. They have no nutritional value, except what they’ve added to make it more nutritious. Cheeky.

Fats are confusing but:

Saturated fat is naturally found mainly from animals and we have been eating it for as long as we’ve been around, it does not saturate your arteries. Solid at room temp, safe to cook with and they taste amazing. Provide you with lots of energy, provide insulation and back up energy reserve. Good good good. Full stop.

Monounsaturated fat is natural… it’s good for you, but be careful heating it up, it can mess around with the molecular structure if heated too much which can be bad news. Important in your diet.

Polyunsaturated omega 3 is natural… it’s good for you, but avoid heating where possible. Heat messes up the already slightly weaker structure. But also important in your diet so don’t avoid.

Polyunsaturated omega 6 is not natural. Avoid cooking with it. Avoid eating it a lot. Not important in diet.

Trans hydrogenated oils are not natural. Avoid at all costs! Avoid in diet. No no no.

Protein chains of amino acids which help your muscles repair and grow. Very important but if you over eat it glycation can occur, so just stick to a big slab of protein per meal. One of the most under ate parts of our diet, think about it for you? We need dis’.

Now if you look up a few of these for examples you’ll notice that I’ve mentioned the natural foods are good and the unnatural are bad. This isn’t groundbreaking is it? Hopefully not. Simply if you go and support your local butcher or veg shop you’re probably going to be okay! If you support massive chains that manipulate food forcing it to taste better and last for longer, well the proof is in the pudding…

Nothing to sell here!

Eat a varied diet. Lots of veg with enough protein and fats and avoid lots of carbs. Same as what we’ve been told for years. Natural is good! Unnatural is bad!

Sorry but not sorry to be so basic, you already knew this as a conclusion but the people challenging this are normally trying to sell you something… so keep your wits about you.

Thanks for reading,


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