International Women’s Day

I woke up this morning feeling so inspired by and grateful to all the amazing women I have in my life.

Nicole, my sister and best friend. Someone who has taught me that doing things that make you happy is the most important thing in life. Never seeking other people’s approval or opinion can help dramatically improve your mind-set and mental wellbeing. Focusing on what makes you happy regardless of what that is.

Shirely, my role model, guardian angel and great auntie. Someone who truly loved others for just being who they are. Always pushing others to be their best regardless of obstacles. More importantly, she showed me time and time again that if you love unconditionally, you can’t do much wrong.

Chloe, the most compassionate person I know. As well and being so kind and thoughtful she has been in higher education for 8 years! Undoubtedly an incredibly smart woman who has a heart as big as her brain.

Emma, an incredibly caring and open minded women. She has dedicated her life to look after others who face challenge at a young age and gives a voice for those who are unable to. Taking on a huge amount of stress away from others and as a consequence sits with it all. An incredibly selfless woman who is an example that you can always offer help to others.

Lisa, A patient and loyal person who has had to face many challenges due to these wonderful traits. She is a continuous reminder that through hurt and pain regardless of how hard it is, you can overcome it. She is so understanding of others challenge in life and will sit for hours going over situations, until they become clear.

Holly, a beautifully kind soul who will love you for just being you. Someone who recently has thrown herself out of her comfort zone and is finally realising what huge potential she has. Open minded, supportive, encouraging and so trustworthy.

Becca, someone who has no idea how reflective and positive they are. Helping everyone in her path that she possibly can, a selfless person who always gives her all. Courage and trust is in abundance with this gorgeous lady and she has no idea how much of in impact she has on others.

Dawn, my mum. Someone who has faced struggle in many ways but in the last years and especially months has turned a huge corner and embraced who she is and continually works so hard to become more and to create the future she desires. Determined and driven to take on any obstacle she may face.

We should try where possible to lift others. 🌹 When we find our strengths why not use them help someone who may need it? 
When you’re lifting someone up, empowering them, being supportive and listening… if they want to lift up too (give you a big kiss on the forehead), then they are probably worth keeping around. ❤️ 
Surround yourself with people that inspire you everyday. I am so lucky to have all of you in my life, thank you.

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