Kirsty Gladdis

Empowerment Coach

My name is Kirsty and I guess you could say my story is a complex one.

Let’s just say for now I have come from trauma, I was bullied, I had a broken home – there was cheating, alcohol, depression, medication and my goodness, it was just a mess.

So my life got pretty dark and people told me that if I had carried on the way I was going I wasn’t going to have a good life ahead of me. So one day I decided enough was enough. I began to ask for help and totally turned my life around. I had therapy, more therapy, coaching, travelled and then I quit my job! (This was all over the span of 6 intense years).

I REALLY haven’t done it alone…

I couldn’t have!

I have had many coaches and mentors myself over the 6 years of my internal revolution. I was taught self love, acceptance, forgiveness, role playing, communication, meditation, yoga and so much more. Of which I still practice all of these, every damn day because it is a life practice. I choose to do it everyday because I am everchanging, I am worthy of my own time and I am worthy of love. I truly love spending time with me and looking after myself because I truly love who I have become.

Trust me when I say, it was not and sometimes is not easy. I have read a lot, practiced and tried may of methods and services, many of which did not work. So now I have committed my life to helping other women go through these internal revolutions.

If you can’t accept, forgive and love yourself, then you cant do them with anyone else.

So if you would like some support with confidence, finding who you truly are, what you are passionate about, and how to create a life full of excitement and self exploration, I’m your girl.
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