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Kim’s Journey

“When I first met Kirsty, I had just had a life changing surgery, I had a full hysterectomy at the age of 30. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis back in 2016 in the August, and had my first laparoscopy then, and then had a 5 year battle with my gynaecology team in the NHS that it had not worked and was in pain. I hated my body and felt it had betrayed me and that I was at war with it, and honestly, I felt like I was losing.

When I finally had the surgery, which was booked last minute due to a cyst due to rupture my life was turned a little sideways and I was scared. I woke up from that surgery feeling honestly the weirdest and disconnected I have ever felt from my body. I woke up feeling like my life had been on hold for 5 years and it scared me how much time I had invested in negative feelings about my life, body, and world. I hated my teeth, I thought they were ugly and made me less attractive. I despised my stomach and felt fat, frumpy and just grotesque. I felt like my personality was just faked to show that I was “fine” and that my relationship was the only good thing I had going for me, that I was so lucky he tolerated me and allowed me to be with him. Just a toxic mind frame.

I put everything I had into my relationship with friends and family but never felt like I was good enough and pushed myself to work far too much as the only area of my life I felt I could truly accomplish anything meaningful was through my profession as a Mortgage Broker and helping people.

Meeting Kirsty.
A month after coming out of my surgery in August 2021, I was invited to join a Facebook group called “prioritise me” which was full of women looking to make positive changes in their lives. I knew I needed help and I knew I needed support, but I really struggled to accept help in my life, as honestly, I did not think I deserved it. My go to was “well there are people worse off then me, I need to just get over it” and put myself behind everyone else.

Kirsty messaged me saying she ran the group and introduced herself and what she could offer. At first, I was reluctant but thought I could just do a quick chat with her and see how I got on. Well, me and Kirsty synchronised on the first meeting. Straight away I knew there was something about her that I really liked and connected with. I did have my reservations and its Kirsty a month of soft, gentle conversation for me to finally admit that I was debating paying for the course vs plastic surgery. Well, this horrified Kirsty as she started to realise just how little I thought of myself. I agreed to sign up with her, took a deep breath and kept telling myself, you can always walk away if it’s not right.

The Prioritise Me Journey.
Well, the first few weeks of the course, to me were fairly easy but full of information I had never through about. It was exciting, expanding my knowledge of the world and of myself but I wasn’t getting the “oh I’m amazing” feeling I thought I would and after 4 weeks, I skipped a week and debated leaving. But I was like, no I paid for the month lets tell Kirsty and talk honestly and see what happens. Well on the 5th Week Kirsty finally took a sledgehammer to my mindset and finally broke down a big wall that had been overshadowing me for a long time. I. am. Worthy.

I was shocked, by the end of that session I was genuinely physically dizzy. I had never had someone help me see who I truly was, how much Love I give to others and how little I gave to myself. How much time, effort, money and motive I had to help family and friends and how all of it was driven by guilt!

Kirsty helped me address my fear of ‘being rejected’ by friends or self-reproach I’d get when saying No to someone and putting myself first. I started really engaging with Kirsty and started really putting my all in and reaching out when I needed it and honestly it helped. It helped me say no but also explain my no if I needed to, and soon I could just say, No!

I came onto the course, hating my physical appearance with very little thought about my mental state or how I was in my own mind. I remember listing all the things I wanted from the course, to love my own body, to accept to my teeth, to feel beautiful. What I learnt from the course was so much greater. It felt like Kirsty could reach into my soul and pull out what I needed not just want I wanted, and each session she would delve a little deeper and softly bring it to the surface and in my own time allow me to address it. She allowed me to experience the pain, the unease, the struggle in a safe way, a way constructed mentally, physically, and spiritually so I knew I could handle it. There was residence but Kirsty knew when I felt it, helped me ground myself, helped me to be honest and helped me to recognise that it would be ok to get through it.

“Lean into the discomfort,” “Everything is all unfolding as it should”, “I am healing”, “I am Worthy”, “I am able”
Before the course, if I had heard someone say affirmations to me, I’d have thought – ‘oh some silly influencer on Instagram’ never did I think I would be using them in my daily life and LOVING THEM. I can now look myself in the eye in a mirror and smile at the personal staring back at me, a big ole teethy genuine smile.
The lady in the mirror is beautiful. She is strong. She is able and she is everything I want to be. And she is ME!

Kirsty bought me back to life, and I will be forever grateful.”

Kim Beecher, Portsmouth

Amy’s Journey

“It would be very easy to write Kirsty has changed my life but if you have truly been on the journey I have, you will know that what really happened was that Kirsty helped ME to change MY life. 

There are no quick fixes or magic wands, if there were they would need to be used countless times because they would be merely an invisibility cloak that hides what really needs work.  This is a path to lasting change and endless growth not self-help’s answer to 60 minute makeover. There lies the key to unlocking and understanding what you are trying to achieve… the word self. Kirsty gives you the tools to help yourSELF. She shows you the practises and encourages vulnerability. At first, this will feel alien and uncomfortable- it’s meant to; that’s why you’re here. But before you know it, the discomfort eases and usually without you even realising it. 

So, could I have reached the point at which I sit on my own, if I’m telling you I have done all the work myself?  The answer is a resounding no. I needed to be held accountable, I needed an impartial cheerleader and someone who pushed me to feel the necessary discomfort for growth. Someone who pushed me, someone who empowered me and someone who opened my eyes to the possibility of living a life so very different to the one I knew in my darkest moments.

It’s totally natural to be sceptical of a journey like this but as the old saying goes ‘Don’t knock it before you’ve tried it’.  There are days and moments when my transformation takes me by surprise because it’s a subtle evolution that takes place in big crashing waves and a gentle rainfall that is different for every single person. 

Kirsty says that the days that you feel like you don’t want the call or the contact are the days that you really need it the most and that couldn’t be more true. I’ve sat on the end of a call and gone through the motions, disengaged and clock watching, not really realising that this attitude and behaviour was my silent alarm for needing a little more support. These are the calls where I have made the most progress. I have logged on feeling heavy, sluggish and logged off feeling lighter and relieved- I didn’t even know that I needed the guidance and support I received from Kirsty in that call. How remarkable is that? To meet a person who can see and read what you need through a screen?

So take some time to put yourself first, I truly believe this enables you to be the best version of yourself in all aspects of your life.  The first call is the hardest but it is so worth it. Take yourself out of your comfort zone and prioritise yourself. The future you will thank you, the future me certainly does.”

Amy Holloway, Portsmouth

Leigh, Kent
“My Life has surpassed what I thought was possible.”

Kim, Portsmouth.

Lyn, 40, Kent
“Before I started Kirsty’s Prioritise Me 12 week course I was a nervous person. I was worried about deep feelings and what may come up. I was stressy, highly critical of myself, and I didn’t understand myself or how to love myself. My relationship was tough and I wanted out. I didn’t give enough family time and I wasn’t a positive person even though at the time I felt like I wasn’t that negative.

After coaching I feel fearless, brave, confident, willing to do what it takes, happy, calm and relaxed, appreciates nature and peace that comes with it, determined, motivated, and caring.”

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