Prioritise ME

Are you ready to finally love yourself,
feel unshakable confidence
and truly know your worth?

Then Prioritise Me is for you!

The ultimate 12 week empowerment journey for you, miss busy to finally put yourself first, feel confident, full of happiness and feel full of joy.

Your dream of feeling confident, healthy and happy in yourself feels pretty far away right?

Being able to feel positive and peaceful regardless of what life chucks your way seems far fetched?

And you knooowww that reading and learning is the best way to increase your awareness around changing, evolving and growing mentally and physically.

But let me take a wild guess, for some reason it’s not working? Or maybe you literally have no f*cking clue where to start. Trust me I get it, it’s hella overwhelming!

Journaling, affirmations, exercise, mirror work, meditating, reading all of this is much harder than just having a bath and hoping our stress melts away…
It is just so confusing without routine or support!

What if I told you it’s more than possible, and it’s pretty easy when you know how!


This 12 week coaching was built to enable busy women to put themselves first for a change, instead of looking after everyone else and constantly feeling exhausted and out of control, this is their chance to get their power and confidence back!

We will get you practicing self care which includes boundaries, mirror work, affirmations, reading, videos, meditating, morning routine, vision boards, community sessions and sooo much more..

This journey shows YOU how to fall in love with yourself again,

find your passions, unlimited confidence, true self belief and unlimited power!

Let go of comparing yourself to others, self doubt, mirror shaming and negative thoughts.

This empowerment journey is for you if:

🌙You are done not feeling good enough

🌙You are ready to step into the true version of you

🌙You want to be a happy, motivated, positive person.

🌙You are ready to put yourself first

🌙You are open minded and willing to try new things

🌙You are willing to get out of your comfort zone

🌙You want long term changes with your mental/physical wellbeing

This isn’t for

🌑 closed minded women who aren’t willing to challenge their thoughts and actions

🌑 women who want quick fixes, the idea of a magic wand or pill is great but its like learning a language, you just have to put in the time and effort

🌑 non committal women, if you are going to quit after it gets a little tough, this isn’t for you


🙋‍♀️ have an overflowing abundance of self love

🙋‍♀️ know your self worth

🙋‍♀️ know and practiced setting clear boundaries

🙋‍♀️ prioritising yourself first, never pouring from an empty cup again

🙋‍♀️ feeling positive and capable to achieve and make reality

🙋‍♀️ improving your physical wellbeing

🙋‍♀️ having a solid self care plan that you know works for you ready for the tough days

🙋‍♀️ knowing you don’t need others approval to make you happy

I could keep going from the results that women have shared with me so far 🥰

Kim, Portsmouth
“You bought be back to life! I have let go of guilt and got through my relationship ending feeling empowered and open minded. This has changed my life.”

Gemma, Portsmouth
“My anxiety is pretty much non existent. I never would have achieved all the things I have done without this journey.”

Charlie, Winchester
“The changes I have seen are insane and honestly, I feel like a new woman.”

Amy, Portsmouth
“Kirsty has helped ME to change MY life. This is the path to lasting change and endless growth. This is the greatest thing I have ever done for myself”

If you are absolutely ready to feel incredible about yourself and your life, and are READY for change then I know I am the women for you.

Because I have been there myself… I have been depressed and deeply unhappy. I now know that the change can happen! I can support you through this!

I have done it for myself, and many others which’s means, I can support you through this journey,
if you are truly ready…

I would love to guide you on the beautiful journey of self love.

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Thank you for being here, to find out more

Message me on instagram or facebook: @kirstygladdis



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