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Empowerment Coaching

With Kirsty Gladdis


You want change. You are ready for change. You’ve had enough

You are ready to level up! You are ready to love yourself. Be bold, brave and kind to yourself and others. Feel confident in your skin. Not compare yourself to others. Not seek external validation. To learn how to listen to your intuition. You are ready to get out of your comfort zone. You are ready to evolve and create change to become the best version of you.

To become the woman you’ve always wanted to be.


STAGE 1: SELF DISCOVERY: morning routine, quizzes, get to know yourself questions, vision boards, meditation, habits, quizzes, hobbies and goal setting.

STAGE 2: CHANGE: healing, relationships, self love, confidence, empowerment, comfort zones, growth, limiting beliefs,

STAGE 3: PRACTICE: stage 2 continued but personalised to you.

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