The Sisters Circle is similar to a gym membership…

for your
mind, body and soul

A woman’s only community where your dreams become achievable.

Your own place to grow, connect and be celebrated.

The service is just for you, a fully safe space to explore where you would like to grow personally with timing that works for you (watch live and catch up), and support other women who are doing the same.

With a monthly calendar of online events, you learn how to prioritise and maximise your self care, self development practices with support, encouragement and accountability.

Prioritise Yourself, Mind body and Soul

Invest time and energy into yourself with Yoga, Meditation, Empowerment and Self Care workshops. Say yes to challenges and new experiences. Look after your health and wellbeing first.

Level Up Your Mindset

Transform your mind to allow yourself to step into your best version of yourself. Get out your comfort zone and realise that you are capable of anything you set your mind to. Level up your life in everyway.


Achieve Your Goals

Setting up your personalised tried and tested method to ensure success in every area that you wish for. Achievable and reliable practices to allow you to reach your goals with accountability and support.

“I have grown so much in just a few weeks! My mindset is so much more positive, I was really stuck in a rut of depression, lack & negativity. I am waking up looking in a full length mirror, saying my mantras, taking as many steps as possible for a wheelchair user outdoors, l have lost a stone, changed my hair, looking after my appearance and health, I’m loving me again, thank you so f*(king much ❤️


Why I created The Sisters Circle.

I absolutely love coaching women, and by creating this monthly and super accessible monthly membership, women have a community of like minded women which can be really hard to find.

All the women in this group care about their wellbeing and growth, they are done with not succeeding and take things into their own hands
. They also want to support others women’s growth which is a key practice of leveling up yourself.

Also, with the potential for another lockdown coming this winter, getting good self care habits in before a cold and potentially isolating time is essential for your mental and physical wellbeing x

What’s included?

  • Monthly Workshops for Confidence, Empowerment, Self Care and Vision Boards for Goal Setting
  • Weekly Live Yoga and Meditation
  • 24/7 Access to Extra Resources – how to journal & prompts, get out your comfort zone guide, boundary setting, motivational videos, goal setting, spiritual practice guides, money mindset, morning routine guide and more.
  • Guest experts, additional support from other professionals!

£1000+ worth of coaching every month

for less than £2 a day!

Join the waitlist to become a member in October

Everything easily available on your phone, make like minded girlfriends, grow and share. Your tribe is waiting to meet you!

Sign Up Here!

Join the powerful and growing community of women who choose to prioritise their wellbeing and future.

Simply fill in your name and email and follow the payment link below.
It is £30 which is less that a coffee per day!
We cover all aspects of mind body and soul so that you shouldn’t need another membership x

This is your time x

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