Leigh, 30, Kent

“My Life has surpassed what I thought was possible.”

Hanna, 45, London

“Kirsty’s approach on dealing with my wellbeing proved to me that I wasn’t in a good place. She taught me a lot about my self and the stigmas I have around me age. I am now highly motivated and positive with my health and wellbeing.”

Lyn, 40, Kent

“Before I started Kirsty’s Prioritise Me 12 week course I was a nervous person. I was worried about deep feelings and what may come up. I was stressy, highly critical of myself, and I didn’t understand myself or how to love myself. My relationship was tough and I wanted out. I didn’t give enough family time and I wasn’t a positive person even though at the time I felt like I wasn’t that negative.

After coaching I feel fearless, brave, confident, willing to do what it takes, happy, calm and relaxed, appreciates nature and peace that comes with it, determined, motivated, and caring.”

“The grass is greener where you water it”

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