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Yoga & Meditation is more than a self love and spiritual practice,

it is a way of creating your ultimate life.


These practices allow us to be there for ourselves and each other, to offer kindness, love and support. 

Prioritise Me Yoga classes designed for beginners and intermediate levels.  All classes are more than a fitness and flexibility session. The practice involves deep spiritual and philosophical methods to allow you to grow and adapt in alignment with your life. 

Like a tree in the wind, we must have deeply grounded roots to keep us connected. Our branches must be flexible enough to move in the wind. We let go of leaves we no longer need in the understanding that more will come when the time is right. 


If practiced frequently yoga can help improve: 

Copy of Copy of Would you like to feel more confident, happy, and healthy Would you like to be someone who is positive, kind and in love with their life Life can be tough, it has been to all of us, so I strive to sh


Yoga and Meditation

Join instructor Kirsty Gladdis for a series of yoga classes aimed at helping you hone your meditation, self love and peace practice. We will focus on compassion, stress reduction, lovingkindness, flexibility, strength, and more!
Classes are every Tuesday evening at HSDC South Downs Studio PO7 8AA, 7:00-8:15pm.

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